Long time no see – Started the company Rankify Sverige AB


Been thinking about writing a new blog post for ages but it just didnt happened. I have been so busy with the affiliate business and growing it. It has been roughly 1.5 year ago since I wrote the last post and quite a few things have happened. I started out in 2016 by starting a free spins blog that actually has went very well. I am ranking top 6 in swedish google for that word which brings in quite a few customers.

I also moved back to Sweden after several years of living in Malta. Now I have a car, apartment and good friends in Sweden and I am pretty happy with life in general. The company I started is called Rankify Sverige AB and you can visit my website here Rankify.se. It was really a milestone starting my own company and i enjoy working with it a lot.

Whats next

I am still working with my partner with a lot of websites. We are working more internationally nowadays which probably is a good idea. The amount of customers world wide is much more accessible when focusing internationally. However the mojority of our projects are still focused on the swedish market.

Right now the grind just goes on. We have also started engaging in quite some affiliate events. For example we are soon joining in to affiliate grand slam in the begininng of september. I am also going on a eurotrip in the end of July which I am really looking forward too

Hope to be back here soon but will probably do most of the blogging from the Rankify website.

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