Starting out with affiliate marketing

Hi there!

Update: I have started another personal blog called Nomadsnote.

This is an interesting post that will hit the web after countless hours of working with writing content and making this first part of my dream come true. I have been working with affiliate marketing for some months and a couple of months back I started to work with it full time.

I am writing this blog mainly for my self to look back at (hopefully) in the future to watch and evaluate my progress and forth going. What did I do right, what did I do wrong? I dont know but I am eager to find out as soon as possible and I got the idea from another affiliate blogger that I have been following for the past months. His name is Johannes.

Right now I am working with casino affiliate sites and trying to get them all to rank and so far so good, all of the ranks are pointing up. It’s a very interesting business working with affiliate marketing. Once I didn’t even know what the word meant but now i live and breath the very spirit of it.

My way of entering the business was to in the beginning get in touch with the right people. I was very fortunate and got in contact with a very skilled and experienced affiliate that was a big shot in my targeted market. Until this day I don’t think i would’ve come this far without his driving force and teaching on subjects reaching from of course affiliate marketing but also learning life and in an early stage realizing what actually matters. If you are new to affiliation do pay a visit to his site. He is an affiliate marketer named Ermin Rajic.

As with every dream you got to lay out certain check points that you want to achieve. My first goal was to being able to work with this full time. Fortunately this has now been achieved which has improved my life in so many ways and waking up every morning to do what I truly enjoy is a blessing.

However having achieved a dream makes only one thing more important and that is to maintain it. Right now me and my business partner collaborate to get the sites,,, and to rank. None of the sites are currently on page 1 in google but ranks as said are looking up and we hope that the current method and technique we use will work all the way.

Also just a few weeks back we got a few new partner casinos on board who will follow us on this journey which we do enjoy as their contributions will help us develop the project even faster. The casinos that are on board are: Igame, Casinoheroes and Instacasino.

Felt good doing this first post and will try to keep more coming as progress continues.


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