End of an exciting year!

Today is new years and it has been a very exciting year with a lot of changes been made. Right now things are looking up and the strategy we are using seems to be working so we will continue and see the progress of Q1 and then evaluate and continue progress with Blackjackportalen.se in the same way as we have maintained Rouletteportalen.se.

Since my last post there has been some changes in life like I have returned from the US and went back to Malta. While in the short week I had in Malta arranged a new apartment and moving my Life there. It was fun but as soon as I settled we (me & girlfriend) were heading to Sweden for X-mas celebrations and we spent the first week in Stockholm having a great time. Yesterday we arrived in the South to celebrate new years with my family and today is the last day of 2015 and I felt it was time of an update here.

I am very excited for what the new year may offer and with all the aid and knowledge I have gained in 2015 I hope this has prepared me making business run smoothly and start delivering in 2016. I have been very fortunate with the Contacts I made in 2015 and I will maintain theese people to continue our growth together and working for results that we all wish to achieve. I am just happy with doing what I truly enjoy and having something big (hopefully) and my ambition is that by my next post we should have some results to write about.

One of my big Projects of 2016 will be to do a training/working/self diciplin challange for the first 4 months of the year. A strong mind and good patience is key in this business so a Project of this kind can be a real boost for self development and I am GOING to manage it.

Update: I managed to succeed with this due to my great online coach Sebastian, they have dance specific training for dancers which I can truly recommend.

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